Friendship Day History

Every year friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of August with love and joy. This year that is in 2018 Friendship day is on 5 August which is also Sunday. Friendship day is a day to respect or value the friendship you had or you have with your friends. Here you will get the information about friendship day. In fact, friendship day history is here. We believe that to hate or to love something you first need to know in deep or the root information about it. So, here you have the friendship day history for you.

We have childhood friends, school friends, college friends etc. We make friends at every stage of life. Friendship is a relationship which is need by everyone. You can share our all happy, sad and emotional feelings with our friends which we don't share even with our family. That is why friendship is the most valuable relationship in the world. Now let us know the history of friendship day like why friendship day is celebrated and when friendship day is celebrated.
friendship day history
friendship day history

Paraguay is a country where the world first friendship day was observed in 1958.  The first friendship day was celebrated on 30 July 1958. Friendship day is celebrated on a different date in different countries like in some countries the day is observed on 8 April and in some places, it is celebrated on 27 April.

Initially, people celebrate the day by exchanging gifts and cards with friends. But today the digital world has grown so fast and so big that most of the people celebrated friendship day digitally especially on social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp. Especially people of India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia are popularly known for celebrating the day with love and joy. 
happy friendship day
happy friendship day

Friends all over the world on this day upload friendship images on social sites like Facebook and WhatsApp. Because of the celebration of the day on the digital world, it is one of the biggest event people observe. 

Friendship day history

Joyce Hall is the person who originated the friendship day. He is the founder of Hallmark cards. Hallmark cards is a company based on the U.S which sales products like greeting cards, Gifts, Party Goods, Electronic greetings etc. Some business people believe that Joyce hall originated friendship day to promote his company's products. It is believed that it is a business plan that he originated the celebration of friendship day.  But slowly people adopted it as a festival. And now many celebrate the day with love and gifts with friends.
Joyce C Hall
Joyce C Hall

In India and U.S the day is Celebrated on first Sunday of August. In Brazil, friendship day is celebrated on 20 July. In Finland, Estonia Valentine's Day is celebrated as friendship day. In Paraguay, the day is celebrated on 30 July.

Worldwide Companionship Day was made 2 advance kinship & association among every single individual, paying little mind 2 dair race, shading or religion.

Albeit one may believe that consistently is a flawlessly decent day 2 be assigned as a "fellowship day," dare is a genuine Universal Companionship Day set apart on timetables that has been praised in South American nations 4a long time, & particularly in Paraguay, where da principal World Kinship Day was proposed in 1958. Before, official Kinship Day perceptions have been hung on various dates in various nations, anyway in 2011 da Assembled Countries proclaimed that da 30th of July would be da official Global Kinship Day going ahead despite da fact that a couple of nations in Asia still observe Companionship Day on da principal Sunday in August consistently.

It shows up da idea of a Fellowship Day in da U.S. may have first originated from da welcome card industry when Joyce Corridor, da author of Trademark cards in 1930, picked August second as da multi day when individuals ought 2 commend dair companionships by sending each odar welcome cards. Kinship Day had likewise been championed by da National Welcome Card Relationship in da 30's, however neglected 2 get on with da general population since it was seen at da time as a conspicuous business ploy 2 offer all da more welcome cards. By da 40's da help 4Companionship Day in da U.S. had tumbled 2 da point that da occasion had almost ceased 2 exist.

da occasion was 2 a great extent overlooked until a few nations in Asia later embraced it & kept it alive until da UN presentation in 2011. da res2ration of enthusiasm 4Kinship Day in Asia seems 2 have been driven by da ascent of da Web in India, Bangladesh & Malaysia where da quick expansion of PCs & cell phones made it significantly less dem&ing 2 connect with old companions. 2day da occasion is set apart in South Asia with da trading of Kinship Day endowments like blossoms, cards & gems. In Asia & parts of South America 2day, companions recognize each odar with trades of "fellowship groups" that have turned in2 a convention in places like India, Nepal & Paraguay.

On July 27th in 2011 da General Get 2gedar of da Unified Countries assigned July 30th as da official Worldwide Day of Companionship; & welcomed all Part States 2 watch da Day of Kinship as per da way of life & traditions of dair neighborhood, national & local networks, including through instruction & open mindfulness raising exercises. da reason 4advancing companionship & association among every single person, paying little mind 2 dair race, shading or religion is dependably a smart thought, regardless of what day da schedule may state it is.

For most of the people around the world friendship day the one of the biggest event. So that is all about the history of friendship day. Hope you got all the information about friendship day. Do share with friends and on social site so that others will also know why and when we celebrate the friendship day every year.  Check out for more on

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